Lesya Nikityuk can retire from Dancing with the stars 2018: cause

Леся Нікітюк може вибути із Танців з зірками 2018: причина

Lesya Nikityuk one of the favorites of the show “dancing with the stars 2018”. And although judges sometimes complain about not the perfect PA presenter, but every time rescue her from leaving the project.

Now part of the charismatic Lesya Nikityuk was under threat. After 6 the live broadcast of “Dancing with the stars 2018” the presenter told us about the poor state of health.

“Oh, the sun-God RA, send me a beam of light… you have a fever, sore throat and laid – 24 channel) nose. But I strong will survive.” with humor wrote Lesya Nikityuk.


The star admitted that for several days the symptoms of the common cold has not disappeared, but she had already returned to training. Lesya Nikityuk has only 3 days to explore new staging and sanded all of PA. It should be noted that it is not enough for Amateur dancers.

Back in the saddle! In a hoarse, but in the ranks. Have only three days to the production of dance. Few, very few, but there are still night
– said Lesya Nikityuk.


The organizers of the show “dancing with the stars 2018” announced the cold, presenter and appealed to her fans with the question: “is this enough time for the staging of the dance?” The majority of Internet users said that Lesya Nikityuk all can be overcome, so it perfectly will dance on the floor. But there are those who are worried about the mistress, because the time to live is short.

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