Lesya Nikityuk caught the bouquet at the wedding of Regina Todorenko: funny videos

Леся Никитюк поймала букет на свадьбе Регины Тодоренко: смешное видео

Famous Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk was one of the invited guests on the wedding of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov. In Italy she spent a few days and showed subscribers how she managed to bypass dozens of girls and to catch the desired bouquet.

In Instagram-Stories Lesya Nikityuk showed how she managed to attract the attention of all the guests at the wedding of Regina and Vlad. At the ceremony of the star came at the stylish cocktail dress with a delicate print and a red purse. However, not only the image of Lesya Nikityuk be remembered by all participants of the wedding, but also how masterful TV presenter caught the bride’s bouquet.

“To catch the bride’s bouquet… what could it be? When he was 17-th” – with humor wrote Lesya Nikityuk, adding that it all happened thanks to the beloved basketball.

Watch the video, Lesya Nikityuk caught the bride’s bouquet:

In addition, the presenter showed a festive menu in the luxurious estate of Astor, which is located in the city of Sorento. There took place the solemn ceremony of exchange of vows and party. So, journalists LifeStyle 24 learned that celebrity guests Italian weddings can taste the delicacies and traditional dishes: Greek salad, vitello tonnato (a dish of thinly sliced marinated beef), mozzarella Caprese, ravioli stuffed with ricotta, beef tenderloin with potatoes “vitalac”, melanzane (a casserole with eggplant) and grilled seafood.

Леся Никитюк поймала букет на свадьбе Регины Тодоренко: смешное видео

Lesya Nikityuk showed wedding menu Regina Todorenko / Instagram / @lesia_nikituk

What is known about the wedding of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov?
Officially, the couple got married back in the fall of 2018. Then Regina todorenko was on the last month of pregnancy, so they lavish celebration had to be postponed. However, in may 2019, the TV presenter admitted that preparing for a luxurious wedding in Italy.

The ceremony took place on 3 July in an old Villa Sorrento. Regina todorenko went to the altar in a fitted dress with original Cape. But Vlad Topalov has experienced a lot of stress: his bag lost in transit, so to the last, the bridegroom did not know whether he will have time to return the wedding dress. He married in black-and-white suit with a tie.