Lesya Nikityuk curious explained the change of image sparodiroval famous TV

Леся Никитюк курьезно объяснила смену имиджа, спародировав известную телеведущую

Popular leading Lesya Nikityuk has published a funny video in which humor is explained the change of image. The star has recorded a video, sparodiroval program “Without taboos” with Olga gerasimyyuk.

The other day on instagram-page of Lesya Nikityuk boasted an updated image. The singer dyed her hair pink, that is called the image of Barbie dolls. But after a few days, Lesya Nikityuk decided to explain the sudden change of hairstyle, choosing a funny shape.

The famous TV presenter has recorded a video where parodied his colleague Olga gerasimyyuk. Lesya Nikityuk like was the heroine of the show “Without taboo”, which was popular in the late 1990s. The star admitted that the makeover was part of her challenge #TODAYIWILL, which recently launched online. Lesya Nikityuk urged fans to join a kind of flashmob and to do what long did not dare.

You’ve never twisted the tail of the cow? Never went to the reserved seat? You’re from the capital, but has never been in the village? Challenge yourself, join challenge #TODAYIWILL… so I got up this morning, realized that I wanted something new and dyed her hair,
– said Lesya Nikityuk.

In addition, the TV immediately announced a reward for the winner of the challenge. Les nikitiuk wrote a song together with the fan, who will be able to impress her with originality within the #TODAYIWILL.

This is not the first time Lesya Nikityuk transforms into Olga gerasimyyuk. A similar parody helped the charismatic Candice to win 50 thousand hryvnias in the show “Laugh comedian”. Then, Lesya Nikityuk acted in tandem with her friend Olga Panasenko, and entertainment project after beginning his television career.

Watch the performance of Lesya Nikityuk on “Laugh comedian”: video