Lesya Nikityuk for the first time commented on the termination of a previous relationship

Леся Никитюк впервые прокомментировала завершение прежних отношений

Popular TV presenter Les nikitiuk, known by the project “heads and tails” and “Who is against blondes?”, Admitted why she did not have a relationship with her boyfriend. From the media she carefully concealed his beloved, so after the break also did not comment on the end of the novel.

In the “high life” Lesya Nikityuk first talked about ending the former relationship. The star jokingly said that her favorite jinxed and failed to save feelings.

“I promise never to talk. Pulled two of the studs. Everyone is silent, not to jinx it,” humour said Lesya Nikityuk.

The star decided not to comment, finally finished the novel with a mysterious neighbor, but decided to talk about the shortcomings of his popularity. According to Lesya Nikityuk, publicity always hinders a healthy relationship. However, her fame did not final cause of rupture of relations.

Publicity will always be one of the reasons for the difficult relationship. Because when you relax, the people that are around you, can arrive and start taking photographs. Get used to it the average person is very difficult. But this is not the main reason for the gap,
added Lesya Nikityuk.

Now the presenter is an active blogger and daily publishes photos from their everyday life. It is on the page in Instagram Lesya Nikityuk admitted that no longer meets a mysterious man, whom she called “neighbor”. It happened in the middle of February 2019.

“We parted like ships at sea,” – wrote in a blog Lesya Nikityuk, adding symbolic photo, which appeared on the beach itself.