Lesya Nikityuk spoke about the birth of a child and relocation abroad: interesting details

Леся Никитюк заговорила о рождении ребенка и переезд за границу: интересные подробности

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk trying not to publicize the details of his personal life, but it is now known that the star is not in a relationship. Previously, the star graced the cover of Woman Magazine, in an interview which told about plans to build a relationship with a future lover.

In an interview with Les admitted that, in her opinion, “the perfect family is when one will call another and you will fly”.

“The perfect relationship – if not lovers, but friends, soul mates. It is very important to the world one person and a different world not scared of them. Then it will be a comfort,” she explained.

Also nikitiuk added that in the event of the birth of the child, she wants to move in with the baby in another country.

If all goes well in your personal life, and I plan the child, I would like the first 2-3 years to live with the baby in a different climate. So it was easier to adapt. Many children get sick because of the climate, and the parents themselves suffer from it. If you can simplify everything, why not do it? For this reason I work a lot – so you can move to another country, and no one demanded
– she added.