“Let’s even the people at the funeral give money”: Basque enraged the network raising funds for the funeral of Nachalovo

«Давайте еще народ вам на похороны даст денег»: Басков взбесил сеть сбором средств на похороны Началовой

Russian pop star, “natural blonde” Nikolai Baskov began to raise money for the funeral last Saturday at one of the clinics of Moscow singer Julia Nachalova, reports Newsmir.info. Note that the Russians have expressed outrage at this action. Post a request for help Basque posted on his page in Instagram. “Thank you all, this is the only correct map, please don’t react to other fraudulent actions”, – is told in the message of the artist.

It should be noted that netizens have expressed outrage not even the very fact of the announcement of the collection, and that Nachalovo colleagues, who themselves earn fabulous money, turn to the common people.

“Is it serious? You can’t give money? I can’t understand why asking people to the funeral. You there finally zazhralis”, “And let more people and the rest you will pay?”, “Really, shame the poor people to ask. No words” “Nicholas, arrogance knows no bounds,” wrote the people in the comments to the post Baskov.