Let’s see what can be the analogue of Volkswagen ID.3 from Audi

Посмотрите, каким может стать аналог Volkswagen ID.3 от Audi

The opening date of the electric vehicle has not yet been announced.

That appears Audi urban electric car the size of the current A3 Sportback, has been known for several years. Like many other upcoming models of the German company, it will be built on a modular architecture MEB.

In fact, we are talking about premium analog Volkswagen ID.Seat 3 and El-Born. The first is already being produced in Zwickau, though not without problems, and the second will fall on the conveyor the same plant later this year. With Audi certainty is lower: the “Four rings” decided to start electrification of the model range with a larger crossover e-tron and e-tron Sportback, which – at least in theory, should bring more profit. Electrodata premiere date has not yet been determined, but thanks to independent designer with Behance we can imagine how it will look like the model.

Retaining the outlines of the body and the dimensions of the Volkswagen ID.3, the author drew the electric car a new front part and stern. Renders are made with an eye on those “and-throne”, although it would be possible to base and conceptual hatchback AI:Me having a slightly different appearance. Last, we recall, got a battery 65 kilowatt-hours of and driving the rear wheels 170-horsepower electric motor. However, unlike hatchbacks Volkswagen and Seat, which were originally created with an eye on the series, AI:Me is a vision of a more distant future, a machine for unmanned car-sharing. In this sense, the choice in favor of a corporate style has already become the trademark of the crossovers looks more justified.

When the matter came real electric hatchback Audi to release it will all be in the same company in Zwickau. The Volkswagen Group continues to invest in modernization of the plant to turn it into the largest in Europe “centre for electromobility”. By 2021 there will produce up to 330 thousand electric cars six models, all – platform MEB.

Посмотрите, каким может стать аналог Volkswagen ID.3 от Audi

Посмотрите, каким может стать аналог Volkswagen ID.3 от Audi