Letter from Lugansk to take the credit and not to give up – the fog of war

Письмо из Луганска: взять кредит и не отдать - война все спишет

Casually over tea friend told me that has loans in all the banks and does not plan to give never.

Not that I never heard this before, but with this woman I’ve known for three years, and to suspect her in these plants could not. Another discovery is to take as much as possible and not give anything – the fog of war.

If conditionally to divide everyone with whom I talked about the loans in the Ukrainian banks, we get several groups.

Outspoken consumers

People who took last literally everything and the eyeballs removed cash from credit cards, believing that they should for this war even more. This is the most common Maxim: I’m not going to pay someone to shoot me. Or: let them come and take my money.

Logic was not so much to get rich (although that too), but to do something in retaliation to the banks, which before 2014 had set the percentages, called, demanded something which was not so easy to leave. Such children’s logic to write in the entrance that it is always forbidden to do.

A hostage situation

An interesting category is those who have hung the unpaid loan. That is, in July 2014 the loan was to extinguish so, but how to do it, if banks do not have money too, no? Yes people often forget about it, experiencing severe shocks associated with war. Perhaps the thought of the unpaid loan was, but all pre-war and a rather simple scheme of repayment fell apart, so many naively stopped to think about the debt – if all so, then I somehow Yes will be solved.

Two years later, the call operator was sobering as a bucket of cold water – the loan amount is already counted in tens of thousands who don’t repay in a lifetime. And the man began to weakly fend off something: wait, I take-I only of five thousand, where did those 50 000? If I give, no more than 5 000… But many believed that in a situation with no percent can not be, and the loan is officially frozen.


It’s very similar not the first group. But they took money in retaliation, the war, and fraudsters took loans equipment, spending cash with credit cards, bought what I wanted to buy this minute. Richer none of them was, but they created a lot of friends. Banks demanded contact numbers, called after all the relatives that had received threats and insults in response.

Most striking for me, these people go to Ukraine. For work, for family, for retirement, and quite easily, because they are sure that they do not take. And not just go with them, nothing really happens: cross the border, make purchases, travel, and any unpaid credits they are not disturbed in any way.

Honest citizens

A strange category of those who are trying still to put out at least percent. Buy the hryvnia, pay a fee for the operation of local commercial centers. Imagine that it’s the one taken five years ago credit? There are not many, but they are. Those who prefer to sleep with a clear conscience, not with switched off phone.