“Letting – Learn”: how was the rally on Sakharov

"Отпуская - Допускай": как прошел митинг на Сахарова

Moscow hosted one of the largest opposition rallies over the last few years – without the speeches Navalny and other prominent opposition figures, but with the stars of YouTube and rapper Face. A report DW.

In the center of Moscow on Saturday, August 10, was held to protest against non-admission of independent candidates to the elections to the Moscow city Duma and the arrest of participants in the demonstrations on 27 July and 3 August. The rally on Academician Sakharov prospect was coordinated by the Moscow authorities. It was attended by 20 thousand (according to Moi) to 60 thousand people (the “White meter”). After hundreds of people went on a “walk” in the direction of the presidential administration. The result has been detained more than 300 people. DW correspondent spent a day with protesters.

Riot – main hipster Moscow

The meeting, scheduled for two hours of the day, started coming in an hour and a half. The entrance to the Avenue through the frame opened up to the crowd from the metro station “Komsomolskaya”, and from the Garden ring journalists and presenters. The rain that started to pour from the hour of the day, the organisers mounted the stage on which was written in large “Let – Let”.

At this time municipal Deputy and journalist Ilya Azar – in t-shirt and cap paddy wagon “Ivan Golunov” – was preparing to go on stage as a presenter, and publisher of “media zones” Pyotr Verzilov, as he explained, was responsible for the musical part of the program and led away under the tent that the rapper Face, the group IC3PEAK. At some point, accompanied by cameras appeared rapper Oxxxymiron t-shirt with the inscription “Freedom to Egor Zhukov.” So he supported the arrested in the criminal case of so-called mass riots participant on July 27 and student Rigs. To play Oxxxymiron did not – he gave several interviews and went over the guardrail into the crowd. Close under an umbrella waiting for their turn for a speech, the journalist Leonid Parfenov. Writer Love Ulitskaya – without an umbrella – stood by and silently smoked an e-cigarette.

But the problem was not because of the rain, but because razlozhenny technology. First, the microphone is interrupted, then it turned out that a huge prospect is running just a pair of speakers and the speakers I hear only a few hundred people in the forefront. The organizers suggested that not only jammed the Internet connection – it became already habitual for rallies, but also the signals of the microphones.

Leonid Parfyonov was one of the first. He admitted that it was not the case before the elections to the Moscow city Duma. But it is not in the election campaign, and that it is time to put an end to the “all-Russian political lies”. He also protested the arrest of a student Yegor Zhukov and separately went through the actions of the Riot police, who “stands, walks, parks where he wants and blizzards all the rest.” “Now riot police – chief hipster of Moscow, which look so beautiful when Sobyanin”, – summed up Parfenov.

The stage continued to enter unregistered candidates to the Moscow city Duma, mother arrested in the case of “mass riot” 22-year-old student Daniel Konon, mother and sister of the accused in the case, “the New greatness” Anna Pavlikova, the wife of arrested opposition leader Dmitry Gudkov Lera and many others. They all talked about the injustice and thanked for their support.

Also on stage were famous YouTube blogger and comedian Daniel Cross. “Some of you may know that I have been doing mostly humor. But today is not the time for jokes. The people in power that are so long and hard to steal, as if we’re already accustomed to,” – he began his speech. Cross said honest candidates who tried to go to the polls, “drop students”. “But in the end, they drop all of us – men who hoped that there in theory could be a fair election. It’s like something very unpleasant,” he said.

Then the rapper Face sang three songs. Applauded him. “I won’t ask noise for yourself and say reperskih words he said from the stage. I would never go to the polls, but I speak for the sake of my people was freedom, and it was the right choice.” The musical part was followed by a group IC3PEAK, singing the song “Death is no more.” The journalists were singing along – “Let it all burn, I face all Russia”.

The last was “Krovostok” that thanked all the brave who went on the rally.

On the stage were not the main leaders of the summer protest Alexei Navalny, Ilya Yashin and Dmitry Gudkov remained under arrest, and the lawyer of FBK Love Sable was detained before the rally.

“Not as a Swamp “

The people who came to Sakharov and was not at the forefront of the scene, in a way, turned their rally. No music and loud speeches, which could hardly be heard, but with posters, Dating and private broadcasts in Instagram.

37-year-old Vladimir said that he wasn’t interested in who played and spoke from the stage. “What matters is how many people came. Whether we have 200 thousand, then tomorrow we would vote for the candidate Love Sable. I don’t doubt it,” he says.

“It was good to hear Daniel Cross only – laugh three adult friends from Khamovniki, which was nominated Love Sable. – We do little to understand, so we will watch on the Internet later. Most importantly, we have expressed the opinion”. According to them, the main difference between this rally – a huge number of young people who came consciously, and not just for the sake of “dvizhuhi.”

“Then, at the Swamp, was the carnival, the sense that we now speak and be heard. Have creatively, in some suits came with the balloons. It was the mood lift. And now out of anger, I would even say hatred. It got serious,” said 55-year-old Muscovite Marina.

Protest walk to China-town

“To walk” after the rally to the presidential administration of the Russian Federation in the area of China-town from the scene suggested a supporter of Navalny Boris Zolotarevsky. Him after some time detained. But the appeal was heard: closer to five o’clock in the evening hundreds of activists on metro and taxis moved to the area at a monument to heroes of Plevna. Reinforcements arrived, the police through a loudspeaker asked everyone to disperse. Began selective detention. At some point the protesters squeezed into the street Maroseyka, the police rushed after them. Who could, took refuge in cafes, shops or in the Church of St. Nicholas in Klenniki. Due to the narrow sidewalks, it quickly turned into chaos: the ringing of bells riot police pushed people from both sides, selectively detained and taken away in paddy wagons.

Then protesters and journalists returned to ilyinskii Park. In response, resguardar and riot police lined up in solid ranks across the square and went to the people, forcing them first to the monument to Cyril and Methodius, and then to the entrance to the subway China town. “Sanctioned rallies is, of course, cool. Such processions do more good” – says out loud the girl and the guy.

According to the data of the project “OVD-info” to the end of the August 10 protest walk was detained more than three hundred people.

"Отпуская - Допускай": как прошел митинг на Сахарова

"Отпуская - Допускай": как прошел митинг на Сахарова

"Отпуская - Допускай": как прошел митинг на Сахарова