Levitation, shield from rocks and other superpowers of the main character Control

Левитация, щит из булыжников и другие сверхспособности главной героини Control

Game Director Control Kasurinen Mikael (Mikael Kasurinen) continues to talk about the upcoming shooter Remedy Entertainment. In a fresh interview for Game Informer, he told about the abilities of the main character Jesse Fades.

In all the major games players one way or another met with supernatural elements, be it slowing down time in Max Payne, the revival of a literary work in Alan Wake or manipulation of time in Quantum Break. The developers decided to develop this feature, making Control of the most sophisticated game in terms of the use of paranormal “skills”.

Telekinetic repulsion.

At the same time, Remedy didn’t want too much to go into fiction – it would make unrecognizable the hallmark of the Studio. Ability to Control to some extent based on reality. This relates primarily to visual effects: none “farbelow” and other magical things in the game will not be – the authors simply allow you to manipulate the environment using invisible powers.

For example, by telekinesis Jesse can throw things like fire extinguishers or pull pieces of the floor to create the front of a shield. Small surrounding objects react and its ability to melee – when air is compressed, they are gradually attracted to her, and with a sharp release flying in all directions.

In addition, the heroine has the ability to Dodge – she can levitate and bounce sharply to the side in the air. According to journalists, it adds to the gameplay is the touch mechanic style metroidvania. So, access to different parts of a non-linear game world opens up slowly, but some optional gap can be overcome a little earlier if you have time to learn how to fly.

A kind of shield.

Ability Jesse will get by finding a special Object Force (Object of Power). But before you can master a new ability, she needs to pass the test on the Astral level (the Astral Plane), which also serves as a training ground. In the demo, which was tested by the magazine’s staff, one of these astral levels taught to use the capture of consciousness, sentencing of opponents on the side of the player. Thus it is possible to gain allies in the face of not only ordinary soldiers, but also the support characters, which will strengthen and cure you.

In addition, “skills” can be combined. For example, a telekinetic repulsion and levitation in the sum give a powerful blow on the ground causing damage to the area around the landing. Mentioned the shield of the heavy stones you can launch at opponents. Well, strafe in flight, allowing to Dodge bullets, looks especially obvious.

We will remind that officially the release date of Control has not yet announced, but, according to Game Informer, the release shooter should place this summer on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A pile of small parts of the game look at the previous post.

A powerful blow from above.