LG and ZTE refused to participate in prestigious exhibition of coronavirus

The epidemic of coronavirus can lead to freezing of business activity not only in China, but also outside the country. The spread of infection can adversely affect the attendance at the exhibition Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2020.

Who refused to participate in the exhibition

Two major electronics manufacturer has already told reporters about the pass known annual event. Opening of exhibition is scheduled for 24 February, but LG and ZTE has already refused to show their achievements in Spain.

I wanted to show the company

In particular, it was expected that ZTE will represent 25 Feb flagship smartphone Axon Pro 10s and even show their own 5G-infrastructure. Representatives of the South Korean vendor announced that it has revised plans to visit Barcelona because of fears for the health of their employees.

What is important to know about the coronavirus in China?
This virus was recorded in China in late 2019. Subsequently, however, the virus has spread to Japan, South Korea, Philippines, USA, France. Also the virus outbreak recorded in Germany and there have been reports of infected people in Russia. The world health organization has identified a new virus from China 2019-nCoV.

The new coronavirus became the seventh virus of this type, which can be infected person. According to the latest data from the virus died 493 people, just sick 24 597 people (as of the day on 5 February 2020). By the way, there is good news: already 942 people have recovered from coronavirus.

Security measures at the exhibition

GSM Association, one of the organizers of the exhibition, stated that it would take additional steps to protect visitors:

  • increase the number of doctors at the event
  • enter politics “without clean hands”
  • change the transfer Protocol of the microphones to the speakers.

In addition, participants are advised to be ready to quarantine, when necessary.

Informed about the closure of retail stores in China announced the company is Xiaomi, a well-known industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted the fall of sales of the new iPhone because of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

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