LG plans to release a revolutionary new smartphone: details

LG планирует выпустить революционно новый смартфон: детали

Network sources have published a new patent of LG company. According to the documents, the South Korean manufacturer is planning to introduce a smartphone with a rather unusual design, which also can transform.

The features of the product. As reported Gizchina, LG designs a device with a display that will stretch. Obviously, we are talking about the use of flexible screen that can twist or bend inside the case.

Special design will allow users to increase the usable area of the touch panel stretching device. And, as you can see on the pictures, change the size of the display can be both horizontally and vertically.

LG планирует выпустить революционно новый смартфон: детали

The principle of operation of the design from LG

Software. For a smartphone that can be stretched, we need to develop a new software interface, considering the device’s capabilities and current usage. The device will display additional information with increasing screen area. In addition, there may be implemented a new feature multitasking.

LG планирует выпустить революционно новый смартфон: детали

The release date of the smartphone, which stretched from LG is still unknown

Release date. However, while the stretchable smartphone exists only on paper. About when these devices may appear on the commercial market has not reported.

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