Liberals and Democrats of Europe unite

Либералы и демократы Европы объединяются

Among the arrivals at the Congress of “Alliance of liberals and Democrats for Europe” in Madrid there were many liberal Prime Ministers and party leaders, but it is the special envoy of the French President of Macron has received the right to open the ceremony.

The two forces – the liberals and Democrats will form a coalition for the nomination in European elections in 2019 to fight against populism, said Astrid Panosyan.

This Alliance can help us more efficiently move to the two political objectives. First, to generate power in the European Parliament because of the party conducting the overall campaign, just have to work together. Do you think that’bannon for a second believe that Orban, Salvini and Kaczynski do not belong to the same political group in the Parliament? Is there any problem for them to work together? No!“, said panosian.

In Alliance can enter the representatives of the “greens” and socialists are not satisfied with the current situation. Also the purpose of the Alliance is to win over the voters of the major parties, it was stated by guy Verhofstadt, representing the party in the European Parliament.

For decades, power was monopolizirovany only two parties. Socialists on one side and conservatives on the other. And I believe that the elections in may 2019, we will be able to destroy this old order podstawowe political system thanks to our Union friends. It will definitely happen!“, said Verhofstadt.

But while the Alliance has not decided on a single candidate.

To support the election team, the liberal party will gather again at the Congress in Berlin in February next year. After the election there will be candidates for future leadership positions in European institutions, “concluded our reporter Isabel Marques da Silva.

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