LIECTROUX С30В: clean the apartment, take the cat

LIECTROUX С30B: убери квартиру, покатай кота

It would seem that the task of the cleaner is just to collect dust and other debris. But if you spill tea from a mug, inevitably you will have to uncover the MOP and get a bucket of water, spending time on these simple steps. But the issue could be resolved with the help of robotic models with function of wet cleaning. LIECTROUX С30В with a capacious dust bag and an additional water tank remarkable compact body and impressive range, and his delivery will not take much time thanks to a warehouse of the company in Russia.

The robot does not have to be persuaded to do their work even in the weekend – enough to ask him the schedule for the week ahead, and when applying commands from the phone it will go to the place “accidents” immediately. Need to constantly clean dust collector: capacity 600 ml is enough for several “sessions purity.” If one brushes will not solve the problem, it is enough to fill the tank with water, and smart device will replace not only the broom, but a MOP. This mode is suitable even for purification of the laminate: with the microfiber cloth and measured the flow of a fluid, the robot cleaner does not leave puddles and stains.

On the ground, the device is guided without assistance, independently drawing up a plan of each room. Thanks to the integrated sensors, the machine will not collide with the furniture and will not fall off high threshold or stairs. And low profile (7.4 cm) will allow it easily to climb under the bed and in other places where human reach is difficult. In this brushless motor Japanese production emits much less noise than traditional models powered outlet.

Unlike a smartphone, at lower capacity battery intelligent vacuum cleaner itself will put yourself in charge, and then will return to his duties. The claimed autonomy of the model with the battery 2500 mAh up to 200 square meters of floor one “refueling” will be enough to clean a large apartment.

Buy robot vacuum LIECTROUX C30B on AliExpress for the price of $212,64. Long wait for delivery is not necessary – the item is in stock seller in Russia.

The price is valid at time of publication, the number of goods is limited.

LIECTROUX С30B: убери квартиру, покатай кота

LIECTROUX С30B: убери квартиру, покатай кота