Life after “Aquarius”: the Portuguese dock

Жизнь после "Аквариуса": португальский причал

In recent weeks Portugal has adopted 46 migrants from the rescue vessel “Aquarius”. Nine of them come from Somalia. They were given social housing in Miranda do Corvo is a small village in the heart of the country. Euronews finds out whether they are satisfied with a new life away from home.

“I decided to come here to Portugal”, begins a story Aydarus Mohammed.

“What did you know about Portugal, except that there was born Ronaldo?”, asks our correspondent.

“Yes, I knew he was Portuguese. I watched the European championship in 2016!” he replies.

“I like it here. It is a beautiful country. Everything here is wonderful! And the house is very good”, shares his impressions of Hamzah Hassan.

“We have everything – food and drugs” – adds Aydarus.

Help and support in dealing with the various issues that people providing local non-governmental organization – Foundation ADFP – in the framework of the agreement with the authorities. The program lasts for a year and a half.

“We signed an agreement with the Immigration and border service, for which they receive some cash assistance. We go with them to the doctor. We help them get involved in the learning process, and then to enter the labour market. Assist in job search and profpodgotovka” – said Rita Lemos, an employee of the organization.

Over the past three years the Fund has helped dozens of migrants. Some of them are already living an independent life – you have your house, job. This refugee named Fawzi Rashid killed his wife and son. Once in Portugal, he was able to adapt to a new life. His story is an example of successful integration, say the NGOs.

“I have many friends here. I know everyone and everyone knows me. This Foundation has become my family”, – without hiding pride, says Fawzi.

“The house in Miranda do Corvo in Central Portugal, has found 68 migrants. 24 but did not want to stay, despite being offered assistance, and went to other European countries, mainly to Germany”, – from a place of events our correspondent Filipa Soares.

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