Life imprisonment for abortion: in the United States of America has issued a landmark law – star protest

Пожизненное заключение за аборт: в штатах Америки приняли резонансный закон – звезды протестуют

In the U.S. state of Georgia adopted the “law on the heart” forbidding women to have abortions for a period of more than six weeks. The Governor of the state, Republican Brian Kemp may 7, signed a law which will enter into force on 1 January 2020. At the same time in Alabama has also prepared a law banning abortion, but much more violent. Read the details in the material LifeStyle 24.

Since the beginning of 2019 “heartbeat laws” have been adopted in several us States: Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, and in Alabama it is particularly cruel to women’s rights. Lawmakers in several other States, including Tennessee, Missouri, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and West Virginia are considering similar initiatives.


“Women will be punished for abortion even in cases of rape or incest”

What is known: the Senators the U.S. state of Alabama passed a bill to ban abortions at any stage of pregnancy. For this bill voted 25 people were against only six. About it writes BBC. Exceptions may be some circumstances in which there is a threat to the life of the mother.

Doctors can go to jail for 99 years for a miscarriage

The law becomes a criminal offense of class A. According to it, doctors could be sentenced to 99 years for the actual procedure and up to 10 years in prison for attempted abortion. We will add that the woman who makes the abortion will not be prosecuted.

Now the document must be signed by the Governor is Republican Kay Ivey, which the media called an opponent of abortion.

Пожизненное заключение за аборт: в штатах Америки приняли резонансный закон – звезды протестуют

“I have to trust your rifle, but you can’t trust me on my vagina” / Instagram / @youcant_seeme_


“The law against abortion qualifies women and doctors to life imprisonment and even the death penalty”

What is known: 7 may 2019 Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill on “heartbeat”, which kriminalisiert abortion at gestational age of six weeks. By law, the fetus inside the mother is considered a natural person, and abortion is premeditated murder, which can be sentenced to life imprisonment and even the death penalty. Writes about this edition of Vox.

What would happen if a woman has an abortion out of state?

Resident of Georgia who has an abortion out of state, are accused of conspiracy to murder, and the punishment will be imprisonment up to 10 years. This penalty will be those who helped the woman to leave the state for abortion.

“Trust me, with my body”: response to laws banning abortion

On the streets the activists of the protests in costumes from the TV series “the handmaid’s Tale”, which tells about how in the future the power of the military controls the reproductive functions of women able to give birth.

Пожизненное заключение за аборт: в штатах Америки приняли резонансный закон – звезды протестуют

Women take to the streets in costumes from the TV series “the stories of the maids,” / Getty Images

“Men don’t know about the female body nothing but what they want with him”

Member of the U.S. house of representatives from Democrats Alexandria Okas Cortes said that at six weeks gestation, the delay can be about two weeks. Therefore, a woman whose delay may not even know she is pregnant.

6 weeks = two weeks late. Men who write these laws know nothing about the female body, besides what they want with him. It is not uncommon that women delay, but she’s not pregnant
said Okas Cortes.


“Abstain from sex, while not true bodily autonomy”

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano has urged all women to refuse sexual relations.

Our reproductive rights are being destroyed. While women have no legal control over their bodies, they can’t risk a pregnancy. Join me, don’t have sex. I call for #SexStrike,
said Alyssa Milano.

Left and actress Evan Rachel wood, which proposed to introduce a mandatory vasectomy for men, referring to those who support a ban on abortion.