Life in the balance: Zavorotnyuk shared shocking details of the operation

Жизнь на волоске: Заворотнюк поделилась шокирующими подробностями операции

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, which is undergoing rehabilitation and treatment in a Moscow clinic, said in the program “Battle of psychics” a situation which she is still scary to remember.

It is noted that there was a time when the life of the actress was in the balance, and was saved at the last moment. The story has been told before Zavorotnyuk was negative for cancer.

Since childhood she has been exposed to various diseases: particularly often the star of inflamed tonsils. Somehow Zavorotnyuk picked up so strong inflammation of the tonsils that she barely had time to take to the hospital.

Then the operating surgeon without any anesthetic just slashed future artist’s throat. “Just slashed the throat and turned to the sink… in the balance, consider life hung” – said Zavorotnyuk.

In the end, all turned out well and the actress managed to save. But what about the current situation is unknown. It is reported that the car crash has disappeared from the hospital and now no one knows her location.