Life is a supermarket. Take what you want, but there is cash!

Жизнь - это супермаркет. Бери что хочешь, но впереди касса!

It seems that Petro Poroshenko will soon upset his folly too high of expectations for his term and waiting to go down in history as a fierce fighter against the oligarchy (loud laughter behind the scenes). In case of a victory on elections of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky very real option of returning to the country Igor Kolomoisky.

The fact that Poroshenko had dared to “squeeze” Kolomoisky “Privat”, “Ukrnafta” and control of “Transneft”, will soon come back to haunt Peter V.

“With regard to PrivatBank refund or compensation for what it took away, it’s a matter of business and pragmatism. Do not aim to return back to PrivatBank. The challenge is first to identify the perpetrators and to show the world what they were doing, to clear his name. And the second is to obtain reparations for what they did and what was done to us, as shareholders of PrivatBank”, – said Kolomoisky in an interview to news sites.

Tranquility Igor has indicated its intention to punish the perpetrators.

Also in a recent interview with Kishkina Igor has mentioned that after leaving Poroshenko as President immediately expects a lawsuit from the London court. Forgot Igor and associates Peter V, Valeria Gontareva and Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Жизнь - это супермаркет. Бери что хочешь, но впереди касса!