Life with views of the greenery will help to prevent bad habits

Жизнь с видом на зелень убережет от вредных привычек

If the Windows of your house overlook a Park or garden, the intensity of the hunger cramps in relation to chocolate, cigarettes and alcohol is reduced. The results of this study will lead to a better understanding of where all there is a need in all of this.

Human health may largely depend on what the view from his window. Researchers from the University of Plymouth found that if the view of the garden or some part of the forest, it much reduces the craving of man for chocolate, cigarettes or alcohol. When we are surrounded by different kinds of green spaces, we experience fewer negative emotions, and because of them we are drawn to different kinds of harmful foods and stimulants. Even low volume, the impact of nature on humans improves its overall health.

The authors of the study believe that their findings will help to understand the cause of cravings for bad habits. And it will improve the self-control of man and will deliver him from a certain redundancy in terms of food intake, alcohol and the like. Thereby reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes – the two main enemies of humanity in the new century.

Overall, not the first time scientists get evidence that wildlife is much more useful to health than living in a so-called “stone jungle”. However, for the first time found that the view from the window directly affects how much we want to consume sweets, alcohol or Smoking. Of course, not all of us can suddenly move from multi-storey buildings in residential areas anywhere in the country suburbs. But experts believe that a greater number of green spaces in the yard or in the house can play a specific and even significant role.