Life without sex: 9 things that will happen to the organism

Жизнь без интима: 9 вещей, которые произойдут с организмом

Sex can improve mood and even reduce your waistline, and sex once a week can increase life expectancy. But what if you don’t have regular sex or is it missing altogether? The lack of sex will have long-term consequences for the body, but the body still threaten some changes.

Changes in libido

Influence of celibacy on health varies depending on health, age and even sex, says Sari Cooper, LCSW, certified sex therapist. To begin with you may feel a loss of sexual desire, or increase.

“For some people who abstain from sex, they begin to feel more lethargic, less vitality and lust for sex,” says Cooper. On the other hand, for some people the lack of sex can make it even more desirable.

You may feel more depressed

Sex is partly physical, partly mental. “When people have sex, they usually have contact skin-to-skin, and this kind of contact is the first major way in which we humans feel comfortable (like babies with our mothers),” says Cooper. “Sexual relationships give partners a lot of affection and touch from the skin to the skin and can help to regulate the mood of each other, by release of the hormone oxytocin,” he adds.

Dr. Streicher also says that sex can help to raise your mood using the mood enhancing endorphins. Without these natural techniques, you might feel depressed, but that doesn’t mean you will become depressed. Although research has shown that depression and lack of sex are linked, this reflects the relationship and not cause and effect. “If you are a healthy person and cease to have sex, you will have depression because of this”, says Dr. Streicher.

You may have less lubrication

The vagina may be less lubrication. As in the case of thinning the walls of the vagina, this occurs with aging women due to lack of hormones such as estrogen. “If you take a young woman 20 or 30 years, it will have a lot of estrogen to keep it healthy, elastic and lubricated,” says Dr. Streicher. Cooper says it is important to follow the course of events even in the absence of a partner: “Lubrication of the vagina decreases with age, and if you don’t have fun, erotic books, videos or partner, the amount of lubricant may begin to decrease at a faster rate”.

Discomfort during sex

According to the North American menopause society, regular sex is important for the health of the vagina after menopause. “Without a regular sex life when you get older, the walls of your vagina become thinner and can lead to painful sex,” says Cooper. Less frequent communication also provides less physical stimulation, which causes the lubricant. Vaginal estrogen creams can help slow or reverse this process.

More or less stress

Like other psychological effects of lack of sex, this is quite unusual. “People who are less stressed, generally more sex, but again, this is Association, not cause and effect,” says Dr. Streicher. However, if sex is a means to relieve stress, the lack of it can actually cause increased stress levels.

You can reduce the risk of urinary tract infection

The level of urinary tract infections may be reduced. But it depends on what you have sex. “That sexual intercourse is the cause of the potential increase in the risk of recurrent bladder infections,” says Dr. Streicher due to the spread of bacteria. According to a study published in the journal American Family Physician, 80 percent of UTIS in women in premenopausal women occur within 24 hours after sex, and frequency of sexual intercourse is the strongest predictor of recurrent urinary tract infections. If you don’t have intercourse, you avoid these risks.

Painful periods

Surprisingly, sex can help relieve pain during menstruation. “The uterus is a muscle, and many women actually experience uterine contractions during orgasm, resulting in more rapid removal of blood, which in turn, reduces menstrual cramps,” explains Dr. Streicher. “In addition, it may be increasing the amount of endorphins that will also help with menstrual cramps,” added the medic. This is an unexpected advantage which you lose if you don’t have sex, but fortunately for his resolve not need a partner.

Sex affects the mind

Sex affects our cognition. According to a study published in the “Journals of gerontology”, people who engaged in more regular sexual activity, received higher scores on tests that measured their verbal and spatial skills. In addition, people who reported that they had sex, got higher scores on cognitive tests than those who didn’t have sex. Researchers believe that the strengthening of the brain can be due to hormones released during sex.

You retain the physical ability to have sex

Although some groups, such as women in menopause can have long term effects from lack of sex, usually your body remembers how to do it when you go back to sex. “All will work well, even if you have had a break,” says the doctor.