lifecell for the first time in Ukraine launched 4.5 G

lifecell вперше в Україні запустив 4.5G

The leader of the new generation of Internet lifecell was the first operator, who made a high-speed link 4.5 G reality, launching simultaneously on 30 March 2018 in the most regional centers of Ukraine. And in order for subscribers to fully feel the benefits of the new generation of the Internet, the operator provides a week of use 4.5 G as a gift.

Digital operator lifecell launched the network of the new standard in all regional centers of Ukraine (except Donetsk and Lugansk) in areas with large concentrations of people. In such cities as Nikolaev, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Cherkassy, Vinnitsa, Severodonetsk and Kramatorsk, lifecell is the only operator which has been providing communication services of the fourth generation. Due to the sophisticated bidding strategies lifecell covered the greatest amount of spectrum per subscriber, which means the best customer experience for subscribers and ensures that the lead operator in

lifecell вперше в Україні запустив 4.5G

services 4.5 G. 49% of smartphones in the network lifecell support LTE technology.

4.5 G of lifecell – a fourth generation high speed mobile Internet based on LTE Advanced technology Pro, which provides up to five times higher download speed (download), up to ten times higher data transfer speed (upload) and the instant reaction sites and applications in comparison with 3G. For our customers this means even higher data transfer speeds, the experience of using the best digital services, access to financial services and view HD videos with no lag, the ability to play online games of any complexity and is more convenient to work remotely for business users. Impetus to the development services IoT, M2M, Smart City, e-Government, m-Health, smart home etc.

Lifecell all subscribers will receive a free one week of use 4.5 G. in order to use the fastest mobile Internet in Ukraine, the viewer needs to have a SIM card that supports 4G/LTE (USIM card) and the smartphone with support for at least 4G/LTE. To test the readiness of mobile and SIM card by dialing *455# and pressing the call button, by calling the number 5433 (free) mobile app My lifecell or on the website

USIM card not only supports 4G (LTE), but also has other advantages: a high degree of safety and additional benefits. The main difference is the larger memory. In the address book, USIM card can store up to 500 contacts with extended information: multiple phone numbers and contact email address.

For the convenience of lifecell subscribers will not install a separate traffic cost 4.5 G. Traffic 3G+ and 4.5 G will be charged equally. Subscribers themselves will choose which technology to use in the settings of your phone.

Also, all the inhabitants of the regional centres could see the benefits of 4.5 G and receive nice gifts during promotions held at the Central areas of regional centers.

Detailed map coverage of 4.5 G of lifecell at

In particular, on 31 March 2018 in Lviv at the erection near the monument to Danylo Galitsky from 12 .00 to 20.00 all the residents and guests of the city will be able to participate in the promotion: experience of 4.5 G of lifecell and make self with historical events. Not depending on the mobile operator, for all visitors of the event will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of 4.5 G on the test devices to see examples of digital future, purchase a USIM card, and for subscribers lifecell – replace the old SIM card for a LTE. In addition, subscribers lifecell will be able to obtain additional 45ГБ for Internet use during the week.

The second wave deployment of 4.5 G in the 1800 MHz band is expected in July 2018.

More information can be found on the website of the operator:

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