Lifetime effects: named for the sudden lack of coffee – 24 Channel

Довічні наслідки: названо несподіваний недолік кави - 24 Канал

Frequent use of a flavored beverage from the coffee bean adversely affects the brain, causing lifelong insomnia.

A pattern found by the experts from the University of Seoul in South Korea, reports Zdorovia.

They conducted an experiment with the participation of the elderly, which are not complained of health problems.

The volunteers were asked how many cups of coffee they drank each day and how many hours they usually sleep. It turned out that the frequent consumption of coffee can lead to a lifetime of insomnia, so that the elderly can often experience problems with sleep.


MRI brain scans of the participants showed the condition of their pineal gland, which is responsible for melatonin production during sleep.

Those who almost every day started the morning with a coffee, had a 20% smaller glands than those who rarely drink flavored drink. Conclusion – regular consumption of coffee is destroying the gland, causing sleep problems.


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