Like a dream in the light affects weight women

Как сон при свете влияет на вес женщин

Sleep with the lights on affects weight women. This dream may cause weight gain. It is reported by scientists from North Carolina, writes НСNN.

The survey was conducted among women from the United States in 2003 to 2009, and was attended by 44 thousand women aged 35-74 years.

The participants shared their habits.

One of the points of the survey was the question of whether women turn off the light at night or sleep enabled. as it turned out during the processing of the results, 17% of respondents, leaving the lights or TV, recovered an average of five pounds a year.

Scientists note that sleeping with the light sources increases the risk of weight gain by 22% and obesity by 33%. The specialists emphasize that to confirm these data need to conduct additional studies.