Like fresh milk in the Dairy estuary is the people satisfied with the races (video)

Как парное молоко - в Молочном лимане народ устраивает заплывы (видео)

After opening the connecting channel between the Azov sea and Dairy estuary depth in the estuary will allow you to arrange heats. Locals Kremowka now at least have the opportunity every day to swim in the pond. Go to the coast for cars, bicycles, motorcycles.

The water in the estuary due to the small depth is heated almost to the status of fresh milk. Kids swim with inflatable circles, adults have to go further to be able to fully swim. Only lacks basic amenities in the form of sunshades, changing cubicles and toilets. Along the coast only field with poppies, feather grass steppe, continuously singing birds – everything you need to relax. The beauty of the coast in Okhrimivka showed in his next video, Mr King.