Like pharmacy without funds right to cure mosquito bites

Как без аптечных средств правильно вылечить комариные укусы

All know how unpleasant mosquito bites. If you are tired to itch and suffer, and all tried did not help, we will help!

Here are the most effective means of scrap materials:

1. Water with soap.

Do not brush bite! First rinse it with cool water with soap. Brushing will only increase irritation and can cause infection.

2. Ice compress.

It is no coincidence to suggest ice applied to the sore places: it helps. Ice slows down allergic histamine reaction and causes numbness of the nerve endings that transmit itch. Histamines released when reaction to the bite, which causes itching, redness and swelling. Ice pack will help alleviate this reaction.

3. Calamine-lotion.

Calamine is a mixture of zinc oxide and iron oxide, which cools the skin and relieves itching. Calamine lotion is sold in pharmacies.

4. Oatmeal.

Yes, the oatmeal acts as a remedy for the bites! Apply the oatmeal weight directly on the bite to relieve itching and inflammation. And if you are bitten from head to toe, try taking oatmeal bath.

5. Med.

If you need to quickly relieve the itching, run to the kitchen. Honey is a natural remedy that promotes wound healing and is to help against mosquito bites.