“Like tall and beautiful”: Potap open up about women

"Нравятся высокие и красивые": Потап разоткровенничался о женщинах

The rapper also revealed details of the celebration of the birth of his son

Potap always manages humorous approach to any business. The word rapper in a pocket does not climb, he is charismatic and talantlivyi, it is not surprising that the producer was never deprived of female attention. He hid for a long time romance with his beloved wife Nastya Kamenskih (the couple were married may 23), so after the news of the divorce with pevoy wife Irina Gorovoy was listed in the status of bachelor. However, it seems the singer was for the farm is the epitome of a perfect woman. About their preferences in feminine beauty, he said in an interview “the high life”.

Potapov came to the contest “Miss Ukraine 2019” and had even personally poematis with participants who are with him he flirts a little and made compliments. Katya Osadchaya the rapper talked about what women he likes.

“I like the tall and beautiful girl, brunette, curly. But our Ukraine is different – we have very beautiful girls and redheads, and black-browed and brown eyes, and blue eyes, and brown hair” – he said.

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“I walked backstage. And they’re like, “Hello!” I adjust my tie, and they say: “beautiful, Beautiful”. Number 12 I was told a compliment. 17 climbed up the stairs and said, “Hello, I love you so much!” By the way, both brunettes,” – said Potapov.

Also the rapper has shared details of the celebration of the birth of his son Andrew, MDM September 9 to 11 years old.

“The morning was suddenly balls, then school. Two days later we turned gray with the parents, sang songs, gave gifts. He said, “I want I all gave money.” And he was on the computer. Don’t know, have collected or not, but he’s a guy is an adult – earned on shootings in advertising. His mother gave a card on which his fee. A couple of days we zakazala his favorite magicians of the Internet,” he revealed details of children’s holiday.

In addition, Andrew before the beginning of the school year decided to experimentation with the appearance – he has dyed her hair blonde. Dad did not hinder his desire, but set a strict condition.

“All I could say, “Son, I am also Krusell hair, look what happened to me”. It was easy and relaxed. He just said that he wants to dye her hair like some kind of football player. I said, “OK! Do, son, what you want. But the tattoo I forbid” – shared the star of a strict dad.

"Нравятся высокие и красивые": Потап разоткровенничался о женщинах

"Нравятся высокие и красивые": Потап разоткровенничался о женщинах