Like two drops: Masha Yefrosinina was fascinated by the network of the daughter

Как две капли: Маша Ефросинина очаровала сеть снимком с дочерью

Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina, who went on vacation in Mexico, showed fans a photo with his 15-year-old daughter Nana.

On his long journey Efrosinina wrote on the page in Instagram. The star noted that she flew to Mexico with her daughter and her husband Timur. Younger 5-year-old son Alexander’s wife was not taken.

We took Sanka, so he’s kind and he realized how important it is now to let us go together. After all, he is unlikely to remember this trip. But our girl (Nana – LifeStyle 24) will remember it for a lifetime!
– Masha has explained the absence of the son in the family trip.

The star’s mother issued a joint photo with Nana. Subscribers in the network was stunned by their resemblance.

Signature presenter gave tips on what you can do during a long flight. By the way, the road from Ukraine to Mexico is about 18 hours. Masha Efrosinina recommends that you bring a book to read on the road, with a 5 mg melatonin and sleep for a while or watch movies.

On the new photo Masha Efrosinina posing in dress length Maxi green hue. Presenter complements your way clutch in the tone and comfortable shoes without heels.