Linda Hamilton will not return to the role of Sarah Connor

The actress talked to the publication The Hollywood Reporter and admitted that he no longer wants to participate in the projects of the series “Terminator.”

We will remind, last year on the screens out the sixth film of the franchise about the rise of the machines with the subtitle “Fatum” (“Dark destiny”). In it Linda Hamilton plays Sarah Connor, a role which was fulfilled in the first and second pictures. The film received cool reviews and flopped at the box office, collecting $ 260 million with a budget of 185.

According to the actress, she doesn’t want to be held hostage to the Studio pressure, because when the project invested a lot of money, the profit becomes the main and essentially the only purpose. Hamilton says that the audience is unpredictable and attachment is always associated with greater risk.

The only sequel in which Hamilton would agree to withdraw in the future is low-budget project with an interesting and logical plot.

The box-office failure of “Doom” Paramount and Skydance is unlikely to be resolved in the next sequel.