Listed 6 products, protecting lungs from serious damage

Перечислены 6 продуктов, защищающих легкие от серьезных поражений

The use of these products improves lung function, accelerates the process of healing in case of illness and also protects pair on even serious lesions, including cancer.

As reported lungs are the main target for the new coronavirus. It causes infection COVID-19 triggers the development of pneumonia, complications which in some people lead to death. Experts have listed products that can protect the lungs from serious injuries, including respiratory, Oncology.

Parsley. Plant product has an extremely high content of a substance apigenin. This flavor has the property to target lung cancer cells and destroy them without touching healthy. The use of parsley, pregnant women-smokers protects the lungs of the fetus.

A generous spoonful of parsley added to the soup, is the best way to prevent lung cancer, scientists say.

Raw garlic. Contains allicin that acts as antibioticotherapy ingredient that creates order in the respiratory system. This component of the product can kill bacteria causing respiratory lung disease. In turn, eating raw garlic twice a week reduces the risk of lung cancer by more than 40%.

Water. Light is 80 percent water, so it is logical that they can function optimally only if the organism is gidratirovana. However, drinking too much water (over three litres a day) is dangerous – excess fluid strains the body, increasing the pressure in his blood vessels.

Broccoli. Scientists from the medical school of Johns Hopkins University found that phytochemicals ingredient of the product – sulforaphane – includes the gene NRF2, which is to protect cells from pollutants and other toxins. In smokers the activity of this gene significantly reduced, so they need to be sure to eat broccoli. In addition, the vegetable protects the lungs from serious damage in the regions with the dirtiest air.

Apples, tomatoes. Their regular consumption slows down the processes of age-related decline in lung function. Have kuridstan, “tied” with his habit of eating at least two tomatoes and one Apple a day contributes to a more rapid recovery of the lungs.