Listen to each other: the top 6 secrets of family relationships and love

Прислушивайтесь друг к другу: топ-6 секретов семейных отношений и любви

More happiness to others brings the realization that they are valued and respected. Remember what wonderful feelings you felt the first time he saw his future mate.

Family life is not always is easy, because it requires a favorable psychological climate. Psychologists say that the key to a happy relationship in the family, there is trust, the ability to hear partner and to compromise.

Edition Family and home prepared tips that will help the pair to preserve the love and to overcome all the difficulties of life. 6 secrets of family relationships, which will retain the love

Learn to listen to each other

Quite often to solve family problems, you just need to learn to listen to each other. By doing this, you immediately see how your partner is valuable of your attention to him.

Also, try to listen to yourself in the middle of an argument. For example, be patient and just “mentally escape somewhere” – let your partner speak out to the end. Then the problem will not be “stuck” in the head and quickly addressed.

Thank often

How often do you genuinely thank your wife/husband for the heavy homework or help business? Ideally you should treat your partner as your best friend.

Here is an example for men: if your friend come to your home, clean the house, cook you dinner – what would be your reaction? You just start thank. Is your wife doing the same, does not deserve your gratitude? Your usual “thank you” for her daily work are able to improve your family life.

Never take your partner for granted

The greatest happiness of others brings the realization that they are valued and respected. Remember what wonderful feelings you felt the first time he saw his future mate. You expressed compliments, favors, gifts, and the like. And you never occurred to to treat your partner as something due. So, continue to do so in a marriage.

Don’t avoid the opportunity to say “I love you”

These words are very simple, but many partners do not try to tell them. However, in vain. After all, the phrase “I love you” reminds each of us that we are not alone that are worried about us. It increases self-esteem of your second half, and therefore makes you feel better! Therefore, do not hesitate to their feelings and often say that you like.

Don’t let financial problems overwhelm you

As you look at the problem of lack of money, depends on the quality of your family life. Yes, sometimes I want to complain about how little the family money. But isn’t it better to go and get pleasure from the money that is?

Constantly dreaming of a better life, people forget about the joys that could afford right now. So decide, do you want to suffer from impossible to enjoy today. This does not mean that we should not strive for bigger and better things. But as you move towards the dream, don’t forget to find pleasure even in small things each day.

Start and end the day with love

“Start the day with love” means waking up in the morning, to say or to show mate your love. During each day do so that all your actions were based on the decision to be loving, patient, kind, and gentle. And don’t forget to dedicate the last hours of the day to your loved ones.