Lithuanian media in the struggle for rights

Литовские СМИ в борьбе за права

With the requirement to stop the “threat of bureaucratic games” against the media at a protest in Vilnius out of Lithuania journalists.

Their outrage has caused the decision of the authorities organicity the results of the data of Centre of registers at the request of the staff of the mass media. The last drop in the Cup of patience was the destruction of the record of the meeting at which the Prime Minister allegedly sharply vyskazalsya about journalists and freedom of speech. Himself Saulius Squirrels argues that records from the closed meetings were strictly to Protocol and never stored.

“In any normal democratic state, the fact that the government destroyed the record would be the basis for the signing of the statement of resignation”, – said one to rassledovaniia Rita Miliute.

The centre of registers for many years and totally free provided media information about fizicheskih and legal entities. This information journalists ispolzovali in their investigations. But in September, the government said this practice was discontinued.

Meanwhile, the country’s President Dalia Grybauskaite criticized the authorities ‘ intention to charge a fee for providing information. It is reported that the Centre of registers open a free access to their data for media members this week. However, this solution is only temporary.

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