Little known facts about the famous movie “Leon”

Малоизвестные факты о знаменитом фильме «Леон»

In 1994, the screens out the new film by Luc Besson “Leon”, which immediately became a cult. Great script, great characters, incredible acting and raised in the ribbon, the questions allowed the film to literally bathe in the love of the audience.

However, the “Leon” also has a very interesting history. For example, the film appeared almost by chance, a major role could be played by Keanu Reeves, but about all under the order.

In the early ‘ 90s, Luc Besson was one of the most successful Directors, “Nikita” has brought him worldwide popularity and at the same time inspired the creation of “the Fifth element”. Besson seen in the main role of only Bruce Willis, but he was busy.

Waiting for the actor Besson have not dismissed the crew, and therefore decided in haste to remove any film. Even removing the “Nikita” it seemed to him that one of the minor characters Victor worthy of a separate movie, because to write a new scenario was not difficult.

The film should have been called “Cleaner”, it would reveal the story of Victor, who cleaned up after the failure of Nikita. But the more personality given to the character Besson, the more varied scenario. In the end, the Director realized that he had created something new, and called it Leon.

The main role he wanted to take Jean Reno, although pretendto were Keanu Reeves and Mel Gibson. It Renault have offered to make Leon a little retarded and emotionally constrained that he perfectly managed to embody on the screen. But with a female lead in any way evolved.

Besson rejected all two thousand contenders for the role of Matilda, including Natalie Portman and Liv Tyler. In desperation, the Director reviewed a sample of those he had earlier thrown away, while Matilda performed by Portman suddenly he was hooked. Besson again called her to audition and has not lost.

Like “Nikita” gave life to “Leon”, so he in turn gave life to “Taxi”. Naseri has played a small role of a taxi driver, but something caught Besson that he had already started to come up with a script for “Taxi”. Naseri and then played a major role.

That’s the way of written on the knee of the script, which was supposed to be just a movie gag, turned out to be one of the best in the history of movies. By the way, immediately after the premiere of Besson wrote the script continue, but never took it off. And, perhaps, to wait it is not worth it.