Liverpool defeated Bayern and reached the Champions League quarter-final: live

"Ливерпуль" победил "Баварию" и вышел в четвертьфинал Лиги чемпионов: видео

Bayern and Liverpool in the first leg was inconclusive and goals not scored. Therefore, in the match in Munich much to decide who is the first to be able to vary. Scored first Liverpool. He eventually won the match by reaching the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Bayern – Liverpool 1:3
: Matip, 39 (ed) – Manet, 26, 84, van dyke, 69

The match in Munich began quite actively. Both teams did not stay on their half of the field, immediately searching for the way to the goal. But sharpness is not reached.

For 10 minutes, the “Allianz arena”, required the appointment of a penalty in gate “Liverpool”, when Lewandowski fell to the turf after a confrontation with van Dyck in the penalty area. But match referee Daniele Orsato once pointed out that the penalty for this episode will not.

On 13 minutes, Liverpool were forced to replace. Henderson after a collision with James unable to continue the game. So on the left Fabinho.

In the 25th minute, Firmino dangerous shot from the defender. But past the frame of the goal.

Goal for Liverpool in this match was somewhat unexpected. Mane received a pass on the course. On his back was Rafinha, Neuer but for some reason decided to get hacking. Mane in the penalty stopped the ball, beat the defender of “Bavaria”, and shot on goal. The ball flew over the goal line of the German club by four defenders.

After that the teams exchanged points. Lewandowski had his low shot on goal allisona. But after the rebound, the goalkeeper caught the ball. And Liverpool responded with a pass into the penalty area from the Manet. But this time Neuer played reliably.

On 37 minutes James decided on a long-range shot that dipped dangerously into the far corner. But Allison controlled the flight and the ball went out of play.

Bayern managed to equalize before the break. Garbi escaped the offside trap and shot along the goal line. Matip, trying to dislodge the ball from under the feet of Lewandowski, forwarded it to own gate.

Shortly before the break, Bayern could go forward. However, the first time Alaba struck exactly in the hands of the goalkeeper from a free kick. And then Lewandowski appeared in front of the goalkeeper and shot past him. However, the ball went past the gate frame. In this case the linesman didn’t notice the offside of the striker of the home team.

Video of the best moments of the first half of the match Bayern Munich – Liverpool

Since the beginning of the second half the teams again exchanged points. But if Bayern only earned a corner, near the gate opposite has reminded the fats. The Egyptians were able to take a punch, and Neuer only to hit the ball to the side.

To repeat a goal in gate of “Liverpool” players Bayern attempted in the second half. Again, Garbi drilled a dangerous cross, but this time Matip and he does not cut off a ball in own gate. And Lewandowski didn’t allow to do so.

In response, Liverpool scored. Milner took the corner, and van Dyck, surrounded by two defenders (Hummels and Martinez) is ready to shot accurately into the bottom corner.

Salah could increase the advantage for his team. He beat two defenders, and was already ready to break. But Sole at the time of light touch knocked the ball from his feet. But after that, Neuer had to almost sit on the splits to hit the ball.

But seven minutes before the end of the match Liverpool were ahead two goals. At this time, Salah decided not to trace rivals, and not to break and throw on a Manet. The striker head in the fall sent the ball to the opponents. Now, Bayern needed to score three goals to reach the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Video of the best moments of the second half of the match Bayern Munich – Liverpool

“Liverpool” has won on departure of Bayern and reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League. On Friday, March 15, the team learns their opponent in this studii of the tournament.