Loaders decided to perform an acrobatic trick, but failed and ended up in the video

Погрузчики решили исполнить акробатический трюк, но потерпели неудачу и попали на видео

Enthusiasts decided to raise the two combined loader to a height of 6 meters, perform an unusual stunt. In the end, they not only failed, but also caught on video, which then appeared online.

Enthusiasts apparently decided to defy physics. Where can not cope with the raising of the load one loader, they decided, will be able to accomplish what you want to achieve goal two. In one loader put the goods, and in support he attached another vehicle.

If it has reached the height of 3 m, it should be noted, is conceived could well become a reality, but in the end, the trick failed. Small bumps on the asphalt under the Playground played a cruel joke, and the whole structure began to tip slightly. The box is almost raised to the desired height, but she slid sideways on the forks collapsed. Loader to suffer did not.

Pleases only one – load, apparently, was not fragile, maybe it was sugar, salt or others granular products.