Loboda, where’s the baby?: Haters are puzzled by the disappearance of the Tilde

Лобода, где ребенок?: Хейтеры озадачились пропажей Тильды

Busy career mother: critics suggest that the Quinoa gave the baby to the care of her father – the soloist of group Rammstain to the Till Lindemann.

In their social network Instagram, the singer Svetlana Loboda publishes photos only with his eldest daughter Eva, subscribers are increasingly asking, where is the youngest daughter of the singer.

About the second pregnancy of the star of domestic show-business concealed to the last. However annoying the subscribers were still able to see changes in the figure of the artist long before she officially confirmed her pregnancy. In the seventh month, Svetlana even allowed to do press photographers photograph, which gave the answer to the question of the public.

The next two months, the singer decided to spend in the United States in a luxury Villa, rented for 52 thousand dollars. Moving the singer has connected with the fact that wants to have your baby in a qualified medical center, which is located in the United States.

Time before the birth of the child was less, and the singer was able to dedicate it to his work. She recorded the album and prepared for a solo program “the Space show”.

Ukrainian singer gave birth on may 24. The girl’s name Loboda carefully concealed, and later found out that the child is called a Tilde.Svetlana even managed to boast of the good news with your followers on social network Instagram, but to reveal his chosen one, she decided not to.

The majority of fans thinks that the father can be the soloist of the German band Rammestein – till Lindemann. Previously talked about the affair, because some pictures and videos the contractor has signs of attention – hugs, kisses and holding hands. Some even thought that the kiss max Barskih Loboda led them to the fact that the couple had Tilde.

Now Loboda and did not comment on the life of his youngest daughter, and subscribers share only pictures of eve, she gave birth to in 2011.

Many haters believe that the Quinoa gave the Tilde on the upbringing of her father, and she is quietly engaged in his career and toured extensively around the world.

Лобода, где ребенок?: Хейтеры озадачились пропажей Тильды

Лобода, где ребенок?: Хейтеры озадачились пропажей Тильды