Logo PS5: Sony unveiled the logo of the PlayStation 5

During the exhibition CES 2020, Sony has held a presentation dedicated to the new generation brand the PlayStation 5. In particular, the company showed the PS5 logo.

When creating a logo PlayStation 5 Japanese designers used the image in the same style as the logo of the consoles of previous generations.

What’s new

As for the major innovations PS5, the company representatives mentioned the following:

  • 3D sound
  • controllers with reverse recoil, and triggers with adjustable resistance,
  • SSD
  • UHD Blu-ray

PlayStation 5: presentation at CES 2020: video

However, this information was already previously reported. While Sony has added new details about the PlayStation 5, including for content to reveal in the next few months.

Release date PS5

A specific date in the Japanese Corporation has not yet called. The representatives confirmed the rumors that PlayStation 5 will be released in the Christmas season this year, that is in December 2020.

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