Lolita forgot to get dressed: one video was sickened millions

Many viewers remember Russian singer lolita Milyavskaya the appearances part of a cabaret-duet “Academy”. Then she performed with her husband Alexander Tsekalo. Looked like a couple on stage comically, Vedi Lolita was much higher for my wife, plus she always stood out curvaceous. Moreover, the image of the singer was also quite provocative. Time passed, and Lolita continues to fall into a scandalous situation: came on stage in a too tight dress, and now the network is actively discussing her divorce from the last husband.

Despite all the difficulties in his personal life, the singer Lolita on your page in Instagram shares with his followers the secrets of caring for your body.

It is worth noting that after the divorce, the singer Lolita has not become sad and depressed. On the contrary, it actively engaged in their health and postrhinal. His followers she regularly shows how caring for your face and body.

This time, the singer shared the effect of a new drug for the face, and tested the toilet water Trussardi Donna. However, this fact has forced the subscribers to write the singer of the message with criticism.

The thing is that Lolita in the moment was filmed almost naked and without makeup. Some subscribers thought it was quite vulgar. Also, many wrote that should not pass all their family problems to the public, and to repent of their sins necessary in the Church, not in front of cameras.

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All, I’m a maniac Ah Arnaud ampoules and tested toilet water Trussardi Donna, which was considered previously only for men)). Pleasant aroma, for brunettes are just perfect – it has TWO? POWER AND SEX) but do not overdo it???

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“Who appreciate lolita for its revelation, naked and all my sins before the people says, go to Church and preach there, but why in front of people, and some still loves her for it, and I think that vulgarity, Arrogance wins!?”, “The impression that Lolita is sitting on a “push”. Neither add nor add.”, “When my husband was my grandmother and razvevshis, uncover, and again a sexy girl???”, “Lola I love you? you are a man with an open heart and soul???? without flattery I think that I say???”, “Why naked is necessary to smear on the vial -just do not understand?”, – write under the video subscribers.