Lomachenko Campbell: I predict Ukrainian athletes and experts

Ломаченко – Кэмпбелл: что прогнозируют украинские спортсмены и эксперты

Tonight, 31 August, Vasyl Lomachenko and Luke Campbell will meet in London at the O2 arena. At stake is the fight at lightweight will be the champion belt WBO and WBA champion, owned by Ukrainian, and the vacant WBC title.

Ukrainian athletes and experts expect that will win today too Lomachenko.

Each Lomachenko, Denis Berinchik called for support of Basil. According to him, Lomachenko will win until the 8th round.

Tonight London will host the Grand event, Vasyl Lomachenko will challenge the WBC belt in the fight with Luke Campbell. We wish him to win.

I am sure that Luke Campbell with their dimensions will not be able to resist the speed and technique Vasyl Lomachenko. I think before round 8 Basil will win a bright and colorful knockout. Better Boxing, just Boxing. Basil, go!,
said Berinchyk.

Can’t wait for the match and star of the Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina. Last night Elina made it to the 1/8 finals at the US Open. Despite the difference in time between the United States and Britain Svitolina plans to watch the fight.

Ломаченко – Кэмпбелл: что прогнозируют украинские спортсмены и эксперты

The former coach of Ukraine in Boxing Dmitry Sosnovsky in comments Tribuna.com also believes that Lomachenko should win.

How the battle will be heavy, will depend on the Basil. I see that it is well worked, ready a good mood. Each of them has its advantages. But I’ll bet a Bob. He’s faster, quicker and smarter, “the physics is” serious. We in the team have always said: “Bob is Bob”. At any moment he can raise the tempo. By victory will not, but the fight will be interesting. Are two different tactics
said Sosnowski.

Sosnowski called Campbell one of the strongest opponents Lomachenko in the ring. He compared it to Linares, but, according to experts, the Briton better than him.

To make predictions on the box – a thankless task. If Bob will be able to raise the tempo and to do what he did in the previous games, it will be an early victory. But in the later rounds after the sixth. Here with Linares was an interesting fight – and hop knockout. Classic, slope back a little and kick to the liver. Here’s what could be
said Sosnowski.

But journalist and commentator Alexander Belenky in the comments Tribuna.com called it as an ordinary fight for Lomachenko.

The question is, will last if Campbell 12 rounds. Lomachenko may just surprise his injury. This is the only thing that may surprise Basil. Until that time, until he boxes against boxers who are bigger than him. For example, against Mikey Garcia. It would be serious.

I am a fan of Basil over it, but not even worried. The opponents can cause some trouble, nothing more. This is a passing opponent for Lomachenko. I wish him every success, but without my wishes he’s gonna work out fine,
– said the expert.

Belenky believes Campbell is a strong contender, but, according to him, Vasily – person from another galaxy.

He doesn’t care what his opponent if it is not fundamentally more of it. Relate well to the words Lomachenko that he was the strongest fighter in the world. About her weight – just. Questioned can supply is that Terrence Crawford.

The maximum that I give Campbell the fight goes into the second half. I give a small chance that he will finish him on the feet. But I doubt it,
summed up he said.

The result, videos and comments after the fight Lomachenko Campbell read on the website Спорт24.