Lomachenko goal is to become a champion, so he works hard from morning till night, ex – coach

У Ломаченко цель – стать чемпионом, поэтому он пашет с утра до вечера, – экс-тренер сборной

Vasyl Lomachenko is a disciplined boxer. He has leadership qualities, but refused to be the captain of the national team of Ukraine in Boxing. The athlete obeys all his father, who trains him and.

Such opinion in interview Спорт24 stated the former national team coach Dmytro Sosnovskiy.

“Vasyl Lomachenko in the life of the moderator of the ideas is dad. He completely trusts his father, all the ideas of the father are realized in the life 100 percent,” – said Dmitry Sosnowski.

According to him, Vasyl Lomachenko could go into professional Boxing at the age of 20. Then he became the Olympic champion of Beijing.

Bob at that time was 20 years. And go 20 years in professional Boxing, it’s not like at 24. These four years hard work. Because Boxing is a traumatic sport, he had surgery on the wrist, and he had problems. But the solution they (Vasyl Lomachenko with his father – approx. ed.) adopted. I think that, after all, Anatoly made this decision. Bob supported him and they left. It was super, because he that his father is a very industrious, hard working and not distracted. They have a goal: it needs to be a champion and he works hard from morning to evening. And dad with him. They work and show result
– said Dmitry Sosnowski.

While Lomachenko, despite the leadership did not want to be the captain of the team.

“He was avant-garde, while all that he refused to be captain. He is the leader, but never stressed. He’s not interested. He is interested in the end result. He works, does not want to drag the blanket over himself. All subconsciously know we want to be like Basil. But he did not tell anyone: “Be like me”. It is difficult to hold for so many years, but he enters the ring and shows the result”, – concluded Dmitry Sosnowski.