Lomachenko has no power, I didn’t feel his punches, broken Ukrainian Campbell

У Ломаченко нет мощности, я не чувствовал его ударов, – битый украинцем Кэмпбелл

У Ломаченко нет мощности, я не чувствовал его ударов, – битый украинцем Кэмпбелл

Broken Vasyl Lomachenko British boxer Luke Campbell has questioned the capacity of Ukrainian. Luke said that did not feel the power of Basil during the battle.

In an interview with Boxing Social Hatch said that did not feel much difference between him and Lomachenko. It is reported vRINGe.

Lomachenko is a smart fighter

According to the British, many rounds were equal, however, Lomachenko was able to record them in their favor thanks to a good limb.

He simply took rounds in the end, doing something for sure. He is very smart in terms of how it controls three-minute round, and that he’s doing this round. He can do nothing for 2 minutes, and then a few combinations and he takes the round. He’s a smart guy,
noted Campbell.

In the fight with Lomachenko Luke first went down after a shot to the body.

“It was the first time I was knocked down from a punch to the body. But I know why he carried a shot to the body. Because I threw a jab, which I shouldn’t have done. He caught me on the timing,” said the Briton.

However, Campbell believes that Lomachenko has no strong impact.

He hit me in the face and head. These attacks do not bother me. I felt that he had no power. When he denounced their attacks to my head, I felt no power,
– said Luke.

He added that Lomachenko the best “bodypanel” (boxer, which successfully strikes the body) than a puncher, which works on the head.

Campbell and Lomachenko had a fight on 31 August 2019 in London. Luke
lost to Lomachenko by unanimous decision. At stake in the bout was a WBC title at lightweight.

Lomachenko Campbell video fight

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