Lomachenko on vacation: Ukrainian boasted a giant catch of the day (photo)

Ломаченко на отдыхе: украинец похвастался гигантским уловом (фото)

The WBA champion, WBO lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko (13-1, 10 KOs) caught the huge carp while fishing in Odessa.

The corresponding photo Ukrainian shared in his Instagram.

“8.300”, – laconically commented Lomachenko weight of his catch, posing with a giant carp.

It is noteworthy that fished Lomachenko near Kuchurhan in Odesa region.

In mid-April Vasyl Lomachenko defended the world titles for the WBA Super and WBO in a fight with Anthony Crolley (34-7-3). In this battle, the Ukrainian received a hand injury and will be sidelined for several months.

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