Lomachenko said to his opponents, under what conditions will fight against them

Ломаченко сказал своим соперникам, при каком условии сразится с ними

Ukrainian world champion at lightweight, WBA and WBO Vasyl Lomachenko told, who wants to fight in the future and who can pretend to fight with him.

According to Basil, the best opponent on this point is Anthony Kroll, with which a Ukrainian will meet on April 12.

“I would like to fight the best of the best. But now the best choice is Kroll. He is a mandatory Challenger (WBA title, – Спорт24) and wanted to see me fight. That’s why I took the fight”, – quotes Basil Boxing News 24.

In addition Basil commented on the possibility of a fight with Teofilo Lopez, who has repeatedly made loud said the Ukrainian. According to Lomachenko, he will enter the ring against Teofilo, if he will have a championship belt.

“I’m ready to fight anyone. Now I need titles. If you have the title, and you’re ready to take the risk, I will meet with you,” said the Ukrainian.

Bookmakers started taking bets on the fight Lomachenko with Kroll. Basil is a favorite in this fight. With almost absolute.

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