Lomachenko showed the horrible conditions in which Thai boxers train: video

Ломаченко показал ужасные условия, в которых тренируются тайские боксеры: видео

Ukrainian champion at lightweight, WBA and WBO Vasyl Lomachenko is in preparation for a new battle, visits Thailand. In late summer, the Ukrainian will fight for the WBC title.

During his visit to Thailand Lomachenko has posted a video of the sports hall.

Basil visited one of the Thai Boxing gyms. As seen in the video, the athletes are forced to adapt to the conditions.

They have no professional equipment. In particular, instead of the bars have boxers the iron vultures and concrete “discs”. The same with dumbbells.

Lomachenko still has not agreed to fight with Briton Luke Campbell. Boxers must hold a unification match where at stake will be the WBC title. The fate of the match will be decided in the auction world Boxing Council (WBC) 30-th of June.

In mid-April Vasyl Lomachenko defended the world titles for the WBA Super and WBO in a fight with Anthony Crolley (34-7-3). In this battle, the Ukrainian received a hand injury and will be sidelined for several months.