Lomachenko to the nines criticized the new world champion under version WBC

Vasyl Lomachenko has shared his opinion about the world champion under version WBC Devin Haney. Haney has often spoken out about Lomachenko. However, each subsequent statement of the American contradicts the previous one. Devin is calling Lomachenko a legend, that says that a Ukrainian one. Haney also said that Lomachenko is deliberately avoiding combat with him.

At the same time, the Ukrainian champion said that Haney got the WBC belt only because he was released, becoming the franchise champion.

When Lomachenko is the franchise champion? Ukrainian became the franchise champion of the WBC lightweight title on October 24. Franchise champion – a designation unit by a specific criterion, the legendary champion of multiple weight classes.

Then Devin Haney took the title of world champion under version WBC, and she never even fought for a belt.

November 9, Haney had a successful first title defense. He defeated the Dominican Alfredo Santiago Alvarez by decision.

Who is Haney, who did he won? He won the title? If we fought for the title with Champions or official contenders, he’s got the belt only because I released him and he gave it. And then scream that you’re something they made up, or that you’re so strong that I’m avoiding him?

No question. I said openly that I’m ready to fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. I don’t care. Here is a question in the business. Boxing is a professional sport, where athletes and promoters make money
– said Lomachenko YouTube channel LOMA Official TV.

The WBC title, currently owned by Haney, Lomachenko received 31 Aug. In London the Ukrainian defeated Luke Campbell.

The latter was dissatisfied that the title went to Haney.