London decided to allow Huawei to launch a 5G network of the British

Лондон решил допустить Huawei к запуску британской сети 5G

The UK will enable the company Huawei to participate in the process of starting the network of the fifth generation mobile communication (5G) on the territory of the United Kingdom. This is stated in the government statement issued on Tuesday in the House of lords, the upper house of the British Parliament.

In it the Cabinet of Ministers described Huawei as “high-risk” provider that can be involved in the development of telecommunication infrastructure of the country with some restrictions.

Thus, in particular, the company will be excluded from the list of suppliers of “critical national infrastructure”. She is “subjected to severe restrictions”. For example, the Huawei equipment could not be used in secret facilities, and the total contribution of Chinese companies in the creation of a 5G network in the UK “will be limited to up to 35%”.

As previously reported the newspaper the Times, Huawei will be given permission to supply antennas and other non-key elements of 5G infrastructure. In this case, any infrastructure created by a company from China, must be compatible with equipment from other vendors on the project, such as the Swedish Ericsson and Finnish Nokia, the publication adds.

The announcement was made on the results of the meeting of the UK Council for national security, whose members gave the green light to contract with Huawei.

This decision should lead to a worsening of the UK’s relationship with the United States. Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump warned the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson that the contract with Huawei UK will pose a greater threat to its national security. Later with a similar warning was made by U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo.