Lonely husband Gagarin showed his new ride

Одинокий муж Гагариной показал свою новую ласточку

The photographer shared with subscribers of the scenes in the background of a brand new Maserati.

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The rumors about the breakup of the singer and her lover of the photographer Dmitry Iskhakov went for a long time, however, the intention to divorce the pair confirmed a few weeks ago.

Wanting to prove its success and worth, the man bought a Maserati. Iskhakov hastened to share the news of the purchase with your followers in “Instagram”.

“Of course, I run the risk of being punished, but in the men’s instagram may well be the car. Who would not agree – he is not my friend;)”, – he signed photo.

In the comments fans congratulated Iskhakova with the purchase and said I want to see more pictures with the new machine. However, without the sarcastic comments not done. Members questioned the fact that the car belongs to Dimitri and suggested that the photo was taken on the background of someone else’s Maserati.