Long-playing Tesla Model S: now 647 miles on a single charge

Долгоиграющая Tesla Model S: теперь 647 км на одной зарядке

Tesla is once again modified her the oldest model liftback Model S. modification of the Long Range Plus now allows you to drive on a single charge, more than 400 miles.

After setting up of production of the sedan Model 3 the “old” Model S moved into the category of niche products in the past year, according to the resource CarSalesBase, sale “Eski” in the United States fell by 45% to 14 100 units, while “treshka” has sold 158 of 925 copies. However, the Model S remains the flagship model of the image, marking the leadership of Tesla on the electric mobility market, which is still no one to shake.

By the end of this year is expected to be the powerful three-engine version of “Eski” called Plaid prototype Tesla last year rode to Nurburgring and even, according to rumors, it set the unofficial track record among road four-door electric vehicles. In the meantime, the company Ilona Mask without fanfare rolled out an upgrade for the LP at the moment modification liftback Long Range Plus. The cruising range per charge has increased from 390 to 402 miles by the method of EPA, that is, from 627 to 647 km, while the battery capacity hasn’t changed and is still 100 kWh.

How did you managed to increase the mileage?

The manufacturer reports that it has reduced the weight of the lift back (alas, without specific numbers) at the expense of the unification of certain nodes with a more modern Model 3/Model Y, in particular of the seats and the battery case. Updated with the new Tempest wheels with tires with low rolling resistance tyres and wheels with improved aerodynamics. Rear motor mechanical oil pump replaced with a more economical electric and optimized bolted to the front gear from Model 3/Model Y. Regenerative braking now available at lower speeds, which also extends the cruising range per charge and the life of the brake pads.

To 100 km/h Tesla Model S Long Range Plus dispersed for the former and 3.8 s. Maximum speed – 250 km/h Price in USA from 74 990 dollars.

The sale also remains a more dynamic version of the Performance at the price of 94 990 dollars, is able to dial first “hundred” for 2,5 accelerating to a maximum of 261 km/h, but cruising on her less EPA – 560 km.

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Долгоиграющая Tesla Model S: теперь 647 км на одной зарядке

Долгоиграющая Tesla Model S: теперь 647 км на одной зарядке

Долгоиграющая Tesla Model S: теперь 647 км на одной зарядке

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