Long sleep on weekends does not compensate the total lack of sleep

Долгий сон по выходным не возмещает общей нехватки сна

If you think that weekend some shut-eye all week, don’t expect. Long sleep at the weekend does not compensate for lack of sleep on other days of the week, concluded researchers at the University of Colorado at boulder, writes BIN.ua.

The researchers divided the volunteers, who had no health problems into two groups and did not allow them to sleep more than five hours a day.

One group was not allowed to sleep more than five hours during the whole experiment, and the second was allowed to fill up on the weekend.

In the experiment, participants in both groups were often there at night, gained weight, and they noted the deterioration of metabolic processes.

“We have not found any positive changes in the metabolism of those who were allowed to sleep on weekends,” – said the head of the research group Chris Depner.

Scientists have long known that lack of sleep increases the risk for health, can lead to obesity and diabetes of the 2nd type, since people deprived of sufficient sleep increases the urge to snack at night, decreased sensitivity to insulin or the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels.

Researchers at the University of Colorado wanted to understand how the human body responds to lack of sleep during the working week and an overabundance of sleep in the weekend.

They selected 36 volunteers aged 18 to 39 years. Everyone was in good health. The volunteers spent two weeks in the laboratory, where the researchers observed how much food they consume, how long you sleep and how often do you see the light of day.

To some it may seem that 36 people – not a representative group, but experts say that such research is a large group of people.

The participants were divided into three groups:

* The first was not allowed to sleep more than five hours a day for nine days

* The second was not allowed to sleep more than five hours per day only during working days, but they could sleep wherever you are this weekend, after which their sleep was again limited to only five hours

* The third (the control group) was allowed to sleep for nine hours all the nine days

According to a study published in the journal Current Biology, the members of both groups with restricted sleep gained weight (an average of one kilogram) and have decreased insulin sensitivity.

Those who were allowed to fill up at the weekend, recovered a bit, but the negative health effects returned as soon as they were again forbidden to sleep more than five hours.

Moreover, in some respects the health of the members of the group who were allowed to sleep in the weekend as much as necessary, suffered more than others.

Thus, among those who could not sleep more than five hours, insulin sensitivity decreased by 13%, and among those who get to sleep in on weekends, the decline was from 9% to 27%.

Many of those who were allowed to sleep on the weekends, I could not bring myself to do it. As a result, while on weekends they were allowed to sleep, they slept only 66 minutes longer than on weekdays.

Standard sleep schedule

Although experts say that the negative impact on the health of participants in the experiment were insignificant, they indicate the risk of more serious adverse health effects after months and years of lack of sleep.

According to them, it is important not only to avoid lack of sleep, but ideally, stick to a constant sleep schedule.

However, scientists point out that the results of the experiment do not mean that osypanie weekend for those who are suffering from lack of sleep on weekdays, harmful.

Colorado researchers studied only the effect of sleep on metabolism and not on mental health or cognitive ability of the volunteers.

Malcolm von schantz, a Professor of chronobiology, University of Surrey, said that “we should encourage people to adhere to a regular sleep schedule, but we should not speak to those who, for whatever reason, can’t do that you should not fill up in a weekend.”

photo: pixabay.com