Long time snow in Russia did not kill anyone?: Near St. Petersburg from the roof a woman descended an avalanche

Давненько снег в России никого не убивал?: Под Петербургом с крыши дома на женщину сошла снежная лавина

To survive she was only by a miracle. The incident happened on the evening of 8 February in Vyborg on the territory of the Leningrad prospectus.

Near St. Petersburg from the roof of the house repaired the woman got off a real avalanche. Netizens are already wondering that, apparently, a long time since the snow in Russia did not kill anyone?

Problem or of negligence, or carelessness. The management company is abstracted from the snow because the house was handed over for repairs. Contractor LLC “Neolithic” apparently didn’t include it in their list of services.

In the end, injured a passing woman. At it the roof went down real avalanche.

Eyewitnesses immediately called the medics. They arrived very quickly. Even a preliminary examination showed that the victim’s broken two vertebrae.

Specifically this will be the meeting which scheduled for tomorrow the administration of Vyborg.

Apparently, in Russia the concern of officials is manifested only after the Russians cripples the consequences of their alleged negligence.