Look at the Porsche Boxster, ready for the filming of “Mad Max” (VIDEO)

Посмотрите на Porsche Boxster, готовый к съемкам в "Безумном Максе" (ВИДЕО)

A sports car can survive not only a zombie Apocalypse, but also a parody of the race “24 hours of lemons”.

Its creators, in General, and do not hide that inspired the post-apocalyptic epic about “Road rage”. Built a monster based on the Porsche Boxster 2000 issue – despite the magnitude of the alterations, car fully maintained its functionality. Even the roof can still be folded.

It’s not just the work of crazy designers, but weird lines in his appearance enough from the “fanged” front bumper out of aluminum to weld the web on the roll cage. Gutted interior decorated with old license plates, splitter above the windshield is decorated with chain saws, the “hood” – the bird’s head, and the passenger – machine gun 50 caliber (stating that working). Other details in the video.

The creators of the monster, Studio, Vali Motorsports, say that built sports car for the customer who has decided to participate in the race called “24 hours of LeMons” – “24 hours of lemons”. This competition is considered to be a parody of the pathetic road race on the planet, but according to its terms at the start, only wreck worth no more than $ 500. The budget also finishing the “Boxster” is clearly much higher.